Dr. Bruno Casaregola

Dr. Bruno Casaregola
Specialization: General medicine
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Specialist in General Surgery. 40 years of Professional experience, 20 years in Italy and 20 years abroad (North America Standards). He has 20 years experience as Medical Director / Hospital Manager of Mega Cruise Ships of the very prestigious Navigation Company P&O / Princess Cruises. He gained extensive experience in Emergency Room and First Aid Medicine, General Medicine and Surgery, Orthopedics, Infectious Diseases, Hygiene, Internal Medicine and Intensive Care. He has been collaborating with the C.D.C. of the USA (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Global Health of the United Kingdom and the W.H.O. 15 years of daily and permanent work in the prevention and treatment of epidemics (including NOROVIRUS epidemics, SARS in the East in 2003, the Sydney Like Virus in summer 1998 in North America / risk of a pandemic and many other outbreaks). For about 15 years Member of the General Medical Council of London/U.K.
At UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital he covers the position of Medical Director, which includes also the D.O.C. – DOCTORS on CALL for First Aid/Immediate Medical Assistance, Medevacs, General and Internal Medicine and the International Medicine Service. He also deals with strategies, recruitment, quality control, new business, clinical concierge and new services deployment.
Able to tackle any type of medical problem. Experience in the organization of medical repatriations with excellent Insurance assistance. Point of reference, in UPMC SMIH, for expatriate, international and religious communities in Rome.