Coronavirus. Clinical activity and internal security
measures at SMIH

26 March 2020

Diagnostic tests and specialist visits
Diagnostic tests and necessary visits continue for all specialties.
If you have symptoms of respiratory conditions such as cough, runny nose, sneezing, and/or flu-like symptoms, please contact the clinic the day before booking.

Patients who present with flu symptoms are invited to contact the attending physician for the evaluation of the case and the possible postponement of hospitalization / surgery.

Patients with flu-like symptoms are asked to contact the hospital’s attending physician to determine the possible posteponement of hospitalization/surgery.

Visits to hospitalized patients
We recommend that you limit visits to relatives within the facility. Only one guest at a time is allowed in the patient room, preferably always the same guest. This recommendation is very important for protecting hospitalized patients, as well as for protecting visitor’s health.

Pre-triage station
At the entrance of the clinic, a pre-triage station has been activated and is manned by our health care staff to control all access to the clinic and to detect body temperature.

Hospital sanitation
We doubled the cleaning service in the clinic every day.
Greater commitment to everyone’s safety.

As part of our commitment to everyone’s safety, we have increased the cleaning service in the clinic to twice every day.

Dispenser for hand hygiene
Throughout the facility there are several points for hand hygiene. Always use them!
Follow the rules indicated above each dispenser for an accurate and effective washing.

When to wear a mask
If you have symptoms of respiratory conditions, such as coughing and breathing difficulties;
If you are caring for people with symptoms of respiratory conditions;
If you are a health care professional and assist people with symptoms of respiratory conditions.
It is not necessary for the general population in the absence of symptoms of respiratory conditions to wear a mask.

These recommendations will allow all health care facilities, including UPMC Salvator Mundi, to better manage the stock of masks and to ensure that they are always available to those who need them.

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