The “Clinic of Popes”



Mother Teresa of Calcutta during hospitalization in Salvator Mundi

In 1947, when Liboria, Mother Superior of the Congregation of the Divine Saviour, laid the cornerstone of the Salvator Mundi International Hospital, she was convinced that the Janiculum Hill was the best location to build a hospital.

In a few years the clinic was completed next to Villa Salvator, the General House of the congregation, very close to the Janiculum Walls (Mura Gianicolensi), in the Monteverde district. Mother Liboria never managed to see the work completed, but her project was accomplished by Mother Olympia in 1951.

Since then, Salvator Mundi has treated patients from 70 countries, according to a vision focused both on physical and spiritual health.

In time the central and panoramic position of the structure – from which it is possible to admire the whole city of Rome – favoured an important internationalization of its users, turning Salvator Mundi into one of the most beautiful and renowned medical centres of excellence in Rome.


Over the years the clinic welcomed several spiritual authorities, the first of which was Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

On March 20th 1988, Pope John Paul II visited Salvator Mundi on the centenary of the Congregation Foundation. The future Saint met all the hospitalized patients and then retired in prayer in the chapel of the clinic.


Saint John XXIII and Pope Paul VI paid a visit to some bishops and cardinals who were treated at the hospital between the years 1963 – 1965, during the years of the Second Vatican Council.





Karol Wojtyla prays in Salvator Mundi

Salvator Mundi and la Dolce Vita

Together with many personalities from the world of politics and diplomacy, Salvator Mundi welcomed in its premises celebrities from the world of movies and show business, from the American actor Errol Flynn to the great Liz Taylor.

In Rome in 1962 to shoot some scenes of the famous colossal “Cleopatra”, the actress was hospitalized because of an overdose of medicines. Dozens of photographers waited for hours in front of the entrance of the clinic for the diva, trying to capture a picture of her. Gina Lollobrigida and Ingrid Bergman chose the maternity ward of Salvator Mundi to deliver.

In 1967, Federico Fellini was hospitalized for a pleurisy.

A few years later, talking to the journalist and film critic Tullio Kesich, the great Italian film director will define the convalescence at Salvator Mundi a source of inspiration for some crucial artistic choices.


On the list of VIP patients, we also find Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Marcello Mastroianni and Roberto Benigni.