Karol Wojtyla visiting Salvator Mundi International Hospital

To take care of people and not restrict oneself to treat/heal diseases: an idea of responsible health care.

Salvator Mundi International Hospital has organized a system of multidisciplinary and specialized clinical units , coordinated by a group of Internal Medicine Specialists, to offer our patients a wide spectrum of medical assistance integrated both from the medical and from the human points of view.


Psychological and religious comfort is always at hand.


Our Clinical Concierge, to direct and guide you toward the most appropriate choice for your health is also always available.


Our Cuisine is very refined, a menu a la carte is always handy and the Dietician liaise with Doctors and Patients to offer a menu to satisfy the different food requests connected to religious or cultural traditions,

The international vocation of the Salvator Mundi International Hospital is guaranteed by our staff trained to deal with foreigner patients.


Our International Medical Centre guarantees the best possible assistance and is endowed with interpreting supports to favour communication with patients who speak less known languages.