Doctors On Call

D.O.C. Services – “Doctors On Call”


The “Doctors on Call” service offers immediate medical assistance, through a network of highly professional physicians with a background in internal medicine and excellent MD specialists.

UPMC | Salvator Mundi International Hospital D.O.C. service guarantees for patients, in need of urgent medical attention, to be quickly assessed by one of our physicians, and should any further care and treatments be necessary, to be referred to a specialist. Our approach is aimed at dealing with medical issues by identifying specific needs, act fast and effectively, whether it may be further imaging diagnostic investigation, medical examinations or highly specialized therapies and surgery.

D.O.C. service is available 24/7, including public holidays.

Note: for life-threatening conditions and/or polytraumas please contact and/or make your way to your nearest E.R. within a public healthcare hospital facility.

D.O.C. Service contacts:

For D.O.C. services, Monday-Friday 9.00-19.00  : +39.06.58896071

For D.O.C. emergency calls, 24/7, including public holidays: +39.06.588961

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